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Gripclad install Anti-slip sheets on Nant y Bedd Footbridge

June 2017 Gripclad provide  Anti Slip Flat sheets for Nant y Bedd see what they had to say below. We needed to get matters sorted out for the coming season, and one of the things on the (long) list was finding a way to make the bridges safer, particularly after a drop of rain – not […]

Rhymney Brewery

June 2017 Floor Problem Solved at Beer Brewery in Wales Warped Metal Grilles Drainage Channels need cleaning daily. Constant Heavy lifting of drainage covers meant that when they are thrown aside they eventually bend and warp and don’t sit in the channel correctly. The Metal Grating was very slippery – A long term solution was […]

In Schools, if it Slips – Cover it !

June 2017 Slips – Trips and Falls are the most common cause of major injuries in Schools ….. Yes, even in the Summer Months !!  If its slippery – cover it ! Slipping is often associated with the outside on steps in wet and wintry seasons, but slips frequently occur inside the school with spillages […]

Tarmac Marine Ltd – Feeder Hopper

MAY 2017 Gripclad supplying GRP Composite Fibreglass Gritted GRATING for Gripclad’s GRP Grating at 38mm thickness with a mesh size of 38mm x 38mm is the perfect replacement of rusted and warped metal grating on the company’s dredging vessels. The GRP Gritted ANTI-SLIP Safety Grating has been supplied all cut to size and so […]

Olton Golf Club – Solihull

May 2017 Problem Solved at Olton Golf Club from Mark, Course Manager What was the problem? Most of our tee steps and crossing bridges at Olton GC are quite old, with the timber and gripping becoming very worn so we decided to re-build them. We are prioritising the worst ones first and intend to work […]

How to Avoid Workplace Accidents

Safety in the workplace is essential to a productive and prosperous working environment. Businesses in any industry can avoid workplace injuries by using anti-slip flooring to prevent slips and trips.

Electronics Company Premises Stairwell

  April 2017 Concrete stairwells were becoming very slippery and in need of a safety enhancement with overlay anti-slip covers. GRIPCLAD ® Retro-fit GRP Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers with a contrasting edge and integral riser drop nosing was fitted. Regularly used stairwell required contrasting colour edge to define the step edge avoiding any mis-stepping when […]

Housing Association Stairs

  March 2017 Outdated metal stairwells with sharp edge metal nosing including slippery stair tread in need of replacement GRIPCLAD ® Retro-fit overlay complete one piece GRP Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers with a contrasting edge and integral riser drop nosing was fitted. The contrasting colour edge defines the location of the step edge avoiding any mis-stepping […]

Offshore Tide & Meteorological Station Refurbishment

March 2017 Refurbishment of Offshore Tide and Meteorological Station on Behalf of Littlehampton Harbourmaster/ Arun District Council Applications using GRP/FRP are ever increasing in popularity.  Corrosion resistance was a main factor offering significant benefits offshore. Gripclad cut to size the required open mesh grating in accordance with the drawings supplied. Using Stainless Steel fixings clips […]

Slippery Dairy Parlour Steps

Slippery Dairy Parlour Steps – Solved March 2017 Problem Solved at Dairy Farm in Dalston, nr. Carlisle Cumbria What was the problem? A dairy farm customer asked David Glendinning Ltd –  Local Farm Repairs if he could think of anything to solve his problem of slippery steps in and out of his milking parlour, as […]