Monthly Archives: June 2017

Gripclad install Anti-slip sheets on Nant y Bedd Footbridge

June 2017 Gripclad provide  Anti Slip Flat sheets for Nant y Bedd see what they had to say below. We needed to get matters sorted out for the coming season, and one of the things on the (long) list was finding a way to make the bridges safer, particularly after a drop of rain – not […]

Rhymney Brewery

June 2017 Floor Problem Solved at Beer Brewery in Wales Warped Metal Grilles Drainage Channels need cleaning daily. Constant Heavy lifting of drainage covers meant that when they are thrown aside they eventually bend and warp and don’t sit in the channel correctly. The Metal Grating was very slippery – A long term solution was […]

In Schools, if it Slips – Cover it !

June 2017 Slips – Trips and Falls are the most common cause of major injuries in Schools ….. Yes, even in the Summer Months !!  If its slippery – cover it ! Slipping is often associated with the outside on steps in wet and wintry seasons, but slips frequently occur inside the school with spillages […]