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Inspection Pits – Is yours safe?

Safety in the workplace is rightly the number one priority of all employers. All workplaces have potentially hazardous situations, and as a responsible employer, you must ensure you’ve assessed correctly and installed the proper procedures and safety equipment.You’re probably already doing this: All checks have been done and are reassessed regularly. Or are they?

Four Tees Engineering use GripClad® GRP Mini-Mesh Grating to Improve Overline Footbridge Safety

Footbridges are vital structures found in many cities and public areas, used for walking, biking, train moving and local traffic. But footbridges – especially the overline pedestrian footbridge – can be very dangerous where there is a steep fall into water, rugged terrain or onto train tracks below. To prevent fatal accidents caused by people […]

GRP Grating – the Safety Solution for Commercial Inspection Pits

Whether you use your inspection pit for a truck, trailer, HGV, bus, train, public service vehicle, or even in your garage at home, they all must be safe when they’re not in use. If your workplace uses vehicles daily, you’ll likely have an inspection pit on site to carry out maintenance. The question is, is […]

How safe are the railway sleepers on your Golf Course from trips and slips?

Old railway sleepers have been used on golf courses since the 1930s and provide an ideal material for many situations while maintaining a natural feel in the landscape. Many golf courses today use them either in bunkers or grassy hollows or, more often than not, to provide stepped access to elevated or steep-sided tees. However, […]

Glow in the Dark Stair Nosings

Stair nosings are a necessary safety measure helping to prevent slips, trips and falls and prolong the life of stair treads and other steps.    Usually, most luminous stair nosings are yellow in the daylight. However, our luminous stair nosings are different.   During daylight, our stair nosings are white; when darkness comes, they become […]

GripClad was the right investment for Boston West Golf & Appletree Country Park

At Boston West Golf and Appletree Country Park, they are proud to endorse GripClad and are the first, in the Away Resorts group of 27 holiday parks, to own a golf course, with more to hopefully follow in the future. Their Head Greenkeeper, Ian Robins, recommended they use GripClad. He said: “I have been greenkeeping […]

GripClad was the Perfect Solution for Billingham Golf Club

Set amongst picturesque Parklands, the Billingham Golf Club course is positioned in over 160 acres in the Northeast of England offering great access from the adjacent A19 and nearby A1. The course was originally designed and built in the 60s with a signature hole playing across a pond, some undulating hills with varying ground levels […]

The Spaghetti Mat…the Perfect Solution to Uneven Ground

Let us introduce you to our most recent product to join the GripClad family – the spaghetti mat! Versatile and reusable, these bold mats work hard to highlight uneven ground and to offer support and cushioning underfoot.  The spaghetti mats are the perfect solution for construction companies, housebuilders, RC framework companies and installers, groundworkers and […]